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Dive into the world of fishing through the eyes of Captain Mark Rowell with his detailed fishing reports. On this page, Captain Mark shares his expert insights and experiences from each trip, offering a glimpse into the excitement and challenges of deep-sea and inshore fishing in Scituate, MA. Follow along as he recounts the day's highlights, from the early morning anticipation to the thrill of the catch. Learn about the best spots, techniques, and bait used to reel in impressive fish, from tuna to striped bass. Gain valuable knowledge about seasonal patterns and trends, helping you plan your own successful fishing excursions. Join Captain Mark's loyal following and stay updated with the latest fishing conditions and tips by checking out his fishing reports regularly. Start your own fishing adventure with Legit Fish Sportfishing and experience the thrill of the sea with a true expert at the helm!

We got these questions a lot. Is fishing good in Boston? What is the easiest fish to catch in Boston? Is Massachusetts known for fishing? In summary, fishing in Boston and Massachusetts is excellent, with a variety of species available year-round. Legit Fish Sport Fishing offers premier charters that cater to all skill levels, maximizing the chances of a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. The easiest fish to catch in Boston waters are species like mackerel, flounder, and scup, making it ideal for beginners. Massachusetts, particularly areas like Scituate, is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with Legit Fish Sport Fishing exemplifying this reputation.

Experience a variety of fishing trips with Legit Fish Sport Fishing. Our offerings include a Charter Fishing Boston with an 8-hour trip for $1250, a Boston Charter Fishing ranging from 4 to 8 hours for $650 to $1200, and Cape Cod Fishing Charters with an 8-hour trip for $1250. We also offer Fishing Charter Boston with a 7-hour trip for $1200, Fishing Charters Boston with a 4-hour trip for $650, and Fishing Charters In Boston with a 4-hour trip that requires no live bait for $700. Additionally, explore our Fishing Charters Boston MA with a 1-day charter trip for Bluefin Tuna Jigg & Popping for $1275. Book now for an unforgettable fishing experience!

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