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Dive into the world of fishing through the eyes of Captain Mark Rowell with his detailed fishing reports. On this page, Captain Mark shares his expert insights and experiences from each trip, offering a glimpse into the excitement and challenges of deep-sea and inshore fishing in Scituate, MA. Follow along as he recounts the day's highlights, from the early morning anticipation to the thrill of the catch. Learn about the best spots, techniques, and bait used to reel in impressive fish, from tuna to striped bass. Gain valuable knowledge about seasonal patterns and trends, helping you plan your own successful fishing excursions. Join Captain Mark's loyal following and stay updated with the latest fishing conditions and tips by checking out his fishing reports regularly. Start your own fishing adventure with Legit Fish Sportfishing and experience the thrill of the sea with a true expert at the helm!

We got these questions a lot. Is fishing good in Boston? What is the easiest fish to catch in Boston? Is Massachusetts known for fishing? In summary, fishing in Boston and Massachusetts is excellent, with a variety of species available year-round. Legit Fish Sport Fishing offers premier charters that cater to all skill levels, maximizing the chances of a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. The easiest fish to catch in Boston waters are species like mackerel, flounder, and scup, making it ideal for beginners. Massachusetts, particularly areas like Scituate, is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with Legit Fish Sport Fishing exemplifying this reputation.

Experience a variety of fishing trips with Legit Fish Sport Fishing. Our offerings include a Charter Fishing Boston with an 8-hour trip for $1250, a Boston Charter Fishing ranging from 4 to 8 hours for $650 to $1200, and Cape Cod Fishing Charters with an 8-hour trip for $1250. We also offer Fishing Charter Boston with a 7-hour trip for $1200, Fishing Charters Boston with a 4-hour trip for $650, and Fishing Charters In Boston with a 4-hour trip that requires no live bait for $700. Additionally, explore our Fishing Charters Boston MA with a 1-day charter trip for Bluefin Tuna Jigg & Popping for $1275. Book now for an unforgettable fishing experience!

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BlueFin Tuna fishing report coverpicture

September 27, 2022

BlueFin Tuna

Blue Fin Bite is Red Hot ! Tuna of all sizes are here. Legit Fish has  few spots left for 2022 Seasons. 
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Boston Fishing - Striped Bass & Cod! fishing report coverpicture

September 15, 2022

Boston Fishing - Striped Bass & Cod!

Striper in Scituate Harbor with fresh sea lice covered 28-32” fish adding to resident bass. Go small for fish throughout the South Shore as prevalent forage consists of bay anchovies, river herring fry and of course peanut bunker! Rock cod are common among irregular bottom but for a shot at a white-belly (deep water cod) then plan on fishing in at least 200’ of water
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Mob of Makos Off Scituate  fishing report coverpicture

September 10, 2022

Mob of Makos Off Scituate

Regardless of what you hook you had better crank that critter in as fast as possible save getting your catch chomped by a shark! And the variety of sharks out there reads like a who’s who of toothies as blues, threshers, porbeagles as well as a mob of makos are all in "abundance!  "otw"
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Ground game  fishing report coverpicture

August 15, 2022

Ground game

Haddock fishing has been in Cape Cod Bay, he said that he couldn’t say for sure since it was hard to get a bait past all the cod! While the final decision on GOM/state waters cod hasn’t been made, in all probability it will be one fish per person at 22” September 1st through October 8th.
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Steering Clear  fishing report coverpicture

July 29, 2022

Steering Clear

Steering clear of the fleet and tossing mackerel among rockpiles from Green Harbor through Cohasset and finding everything from schoolies to cows. Yes, mackerel aren’t extinct but it takes an early rise to locate them before bluefish scatter the schools. "on the water"
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Sizzling Summers fishing report coverpicture

July 21, 2022

Sizzling Summers

Recalling previous sizzling summers I asked Captain Mark Rowell of Legit Fish Charters if he thought Cape Cod Bay would get a peanut mahi mahi appearance as has been the case in the past. I was surprised when he told me that in some cases water temperatures have actually cooled! When the heat is on 
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Bluefin football biomass  fishing report coverpicture

July 17, 2022

Bluefin football biomass

According to Captain Mark Rowell of Legit Fish Charters, cooler waters have moved much of the football biomass off of the Middle bank and more towards the southern edge of Stellwagen and Peaked Hill Bar. While there are a multitude of ways to catch these 80 pound fish, the skipper has been finding t
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School Tuna fishing report coverpicture

July 8, 2022

School Tuna

The Tuna fishing off of Cape Cod has been incredible. The tuna bite has been so consistent this year! Just a short drive from Boston Cape Cod is a fantastic option for a day trip or a weekend trip. Book your trip today for your shot at a once in a lifetime Bluefin Tuna.
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Big Bass  fishing report coverpicture

July 2, 2022

Big Bass

A few weeks we explored Boston Harbor searching for big Bass. That's not necessary anymore since the South Shore is now at least as hot as any place in the Bay State. Schools of pogies estimated at 200/300 yards long have appeared in Scituate, Stripers are heavy, and Tuna fishing in the Cape is here
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Boston Fishing 2022 fishing report coverpicture

June 16, 2022

Boston Fishing 2022

The giants have indeed moved into Cape Cod Bay with Cod and Stripers being the main attractants! It’s almost difficult to drop a jig towards a bottom over structure in Cape Cod Bay and not come tight to a cod and some of the many other fish species We target
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Schoolie In Massachusetts fishing report coverpicture

June 11, 2022

Schoolie In Massachusetts

Captain Mark Rowell of Legit Fish Charters has been spending some time at Race Point but has found little more than schoolie-to-slot fish. He’s expecting a wave of blues to sweep in in about a week. Ironically the volume of 20+ pound stripers which he is experiencing just outside of Scituate Harbor 
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Swarming fishing report coverpicture

June 8, 2022


For Captain Mark Rowell of Legit Fish Charters there really is no place like home. Under the lights of his slip in Scituate Harbor, stripers of all sizes can be seen swarming with the source of their interest sand eels! They are so fixated on this forage that a live mackerel tossed in the mix